Top 5 Heart Healthy Valentine's Date Night Ideas

Whether it is Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day, February 14th represents a day of unconditional love. So why not take your loved one or group of loved ones out for a fun and equally healthy night out on the town to celebrate? Here are my top 5 heart healthy date night ideas around Boston. The best part is that these ideas can certainly be recreated in other cities.


1. Cooking Class at Sur la Table

Cooking classes are perfect for couples or small groups to learn to make different dishes in an intimate setting. Teamwork is involved, so you can work closely with your partner and with your hands to create a delicious meal together. You are actively moving around and burning calories instead of just sitting at a dinner at a restaurant. Just make sure you check beforehand what the menu is going to be and what type of ingredients the particular class uses.

2. Ice Skating on Boston's Frog Pond

What's more romantic than outdoor ice skating? You know all those romcoms with couples holding hands and ice skating in the middle of a city? Well you can do that at Boston's Frog Pond on Valentine's Day. Whether you're cold from being outdoors or thirsty from breaking a sweat, bring a thermos (or Yeti) of Eating Evolved hot chocolate with you to share.

3. Rock Climbing at Brooklyn Boulders

Rock climbing is such an underrated date night idea and it's perfect for couples or groups of friends on Valentine's Day. Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville is a roomy indoor rock climbing gym that also features fitness classes. Not a confident climber? Take their intro to climbing class and "learn the ropes" for your first climb. For all the singles out there, this is a great atmosphere to meet new people. They're actually offering a Best Date Ever Partner Climb (2 for 1) on Valentine's Day this year.

4. Walk around the Boston Public Library

Before or after dinner, there's plenty to see as you walk around the BPL. If you love architecture, why not take the free tour while learning about the work of a dozen famous sculptors and painters. This one-hour guided walking tour will keep you up and moving and perfect if you're determined to hit your step goal for the day.

5. Taza Chocolate Tour

Who doesn't love chocolate on Valentine's Day? Taza Chocolate is 100% organic stone ground chocolate made with cacao beans. I won't bore you with all the details of why this chocolate is healthier for you than highly processed brands with additives.. but all I will say is that Taza uses high quality ingredients such as their high cacao content to bring you a product that gives you nutritional value.

What do all of these Valentine's date night ideas have in common? Physical activity! Each activity has you up on your feet moving around and burning additional daily calories. On a day where most indulge by eating chocolates and dining out at restaurants, try one of these healthy date nights with your Valentine or Galentine's. Each activity is perfect for couples, groups, or even solo. To me, active dates are the best (and healthiest) kind of dates. By increasing your heart rate and laughing with loved ones, you'll release endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body.

Wishing all that celebrate a very Happy Valentine's Day from my grateful heart to yours!

Stay Balanced xo,


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