New Years Intentions Over Resolutions

This year, let's break free from the norm - instead of resolutions, let's set intentions. If you're anything like me, in years past you vowed to eat healthier, participate in more physical activity and home cooking, volunteer more, read more.. the list goes on. But what if we simply devoted this year to more self-love? More kindness? More gratitude?

Resolutions are limiting. They imply that something isn't right - something needs to be resolved - that you currently aren't enough. When you set a resolution you are expressing thought about one thing you want to accomplish and only that is taking up space in your mind, but you aren't necessarily putting action to words. Why is your first impulse for the start of the new year to create this brand new person when you are amazing exactly how you are? So if you have realistic goals you want to set forth - instead of resolutions, set intentions. Intentions are specifically for the growth of your soul. They are something you want and plan to do, unlike resolutions that are the act of solving a problem or finding a way to improve a difficult situation. Intentions are powerful. They significantly raise your self-awareness and ground you. You are able to be constructive and create concrete goals along with a plan to accomplish them. Every year, we are so quick to self-criticize, to judge ourselves, to body shame, to beat ourselves up if we are still single. This year let’s celebrate what we have and appreciate how amazing we already are - what our bodies do for us, the incredible people in our lives, and the memories we will carry with us into 2018. So here’s to setting intentions over resolutions. Wishing you a safe, happy, and healthy New Year from my grateful heart to yours!

Stay Balanced xo,


Some inspirational quotes to guide you in 2018:

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