Fight For Your Health

Fight.For.Your.Health. Four little words that when strung together have so much meaning...

I know I've been pretty MIA this week and that's because the past two weeks have been really tough for me both physically and emotionally. Here's the thing, I rarely get sick. I get enough sleep, stay hydrated, have a good handle on stress, eat a well-balanced diet, and regularly exercise. But my weakness is not knowing when to power down. Instead of listening to my body, I regretfully spent a week trying to power through an upper respiratory infection - a speaking engagement, working out to try to get back to feeling normal, and a wedding in NH. I only cleared my schedule and took one full day off to relax and recharge thinking that's all my body needed to recuperate. That was a huge mistake.

As my sickness progressed, last Saturday night I knew this felt different and more serious. I went to urgent care on Sunday on our way home from NH. The doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis and pneumonia and I wasn't surprised. I am so used to constantly moving, so slowing down for more than a few hours or even a day or two is extremely challenging for me. I am also very independent, so when the doctor told me I should stay at home on bed rest all week (he actually told me to do nothing and go nowhere), that meant I had to rely on someone else to take care of me, pick up my prescriptions for me, and to hold me accountable to REST so I would actually get better (thanks, Kenny!). Not having the strength to carry a pillow to the couch (tempurpedic pillows are actually heavy AF) was miserable. I even cried because I was home alone and was struggling to open a jar of peanut butter. And on Thursday, feeling a little bit better, I needed to be reminded to stop doing admin work, to stop worrying about bills or upcoming plans, to chose delivery for food over going out and walking a mile to pick something up. I actually started writing this blog post on Thursday, but stopped because I was doing myself a disservice. I needed to STOP. I needed to continue to rest, nap, watch mindless TV, and continue to drink fluids. I had to keep making myself a priority, no excuses.

Before people start judging me for this post, I am well aware that there are people out there who are more sick with violent illnesses or who have it way worse, but if you're thinking that than you are missing the point. So many of us are fighters. We fight for what we deserve, for what we love, we fight to be better than we were yesterday, but how often do we fight for our health? Yes, we might spend countless mornings making vegetable and fruit smoothies, meal prepping our plant based foods, and working out sometimes twice in one day, but why do we fight through signals our bodies are giving to us? Why do we fight through the sickness? Sometimes we have to surrender the fight for a brief period of time, or even a significant amount of time to properly heal. The thing about being a patient is that you actually have to be patient. It does not make you weak to take days off. I know it is hard to cancel plans, appointments, clients, the list goes on. But life doesn't get better unless you do.

I really struggled doing nothing this past week, but I cannot feel guilty about it. Caring for yourself is not an act of indulgence, but an act of survival. We must all fight for our health, in every aspect of the meaning. Regroup, recharge, renew. I am excited to ease back into my normal routine. I can't walk too far without getting winded and my cough is still lingering. It won't matter how slow I go as long as I don't stop or give up. So be sure to remember to always listen to your body. It will tell you everything you want to know and it has important things to say. So take action when necessary and take it seriously. Self-care is a divine responsibility, so let's take care of our bodies, we only have one place to live.

Stay Balanced xo,


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